Hive Learning Network NYC

Hive NYC Toolkit

10 Ways to Get Involved with Hive NYC

  • Join a Monthly Community Call
    • Introduce yourself, hear (and contribute to) discussions about solutions to challenges. See the Community Call Etherpad
  • Attend or Host a Meet-up
    • Hive contributors get together in person to share ideas and hone skills—you can attend or host a meet-up to introduce your place and practice.
  • Sign up for Hive Office Hours
    • You can visit us in Dumbo during office hours each week—email to arrange a time.
  • Facilitate an Activity at a Learning Event
  • Share a Discovery, Start a Conversation
    • Share articles, events and job opportunities, pose questions or comment on topics in our online discussion group
  • Hangout with the Cohort
    • Hive’s cohort of educators and builders meets online to share ideas and practices.
  • Work Open
    • Document and share your work, highlighting successes, opportunities and issues by submitting a guest post on the blog.
  • Teach the Web
  • Lead an Affinity Group
  • Spread (or Scale) a Learning Innovation

When you’re ready, connect with us via our form.



Hive NYC Minigroup is for people interested in connected learning, sharing tools, expertise and educational resources. Some of these individuals represent Hive NYC member organizations and some do not. Those that are not associated with a Hive member organization join us from an array of communities including public schools, maker spaces, tech companies, conferences, government offices and more. In all cases, Hive NYC Minigroup members have the option to use this forum as a place to post opportunities, questions and resources relevant to the community. If you’d like to be added to our minigroup community please contact

Office Hours

Hive NYC opens its doors to meet with any community members looking to get more involved each Wednesday at 2pm. Please contact to schedule an appointment for you or your organization.

Monthly Community Calls

Monthly conference calls are held on the first Tuesday of each month and provide an opportunity for the Hive NYC community to connect around current issues and problems of practice. Featuring guest speakers and presenters with different monthly topics, participants use a synchronous, shared document to collaborate and work together, sharing best practices.

Host / Present at a Meet-up or Community Call

We love hearing about the work you are doing. Presenting your current projects and case studies gives you the opportunity to talk about the work you’re doing with the rest of the Hive NYC community.

Monthly Meet-ups

Hive NYC holds meet-ups on the third Thursday of each month. These are hosted by organizations within the Hive, giving members the chance to get to know the hosting organizations better. Each meet-up has a pre-determined topic, usually including case studies, presentations on projects or hands-on playtesting sessions.

Hive Charrettes and Events

Hive NYC offers workshops and design Charrettes through the Hive Research Lab. These events are structured to encourage skill and knowledge development as well as group brainstorming and solutionizing. Visit our calendar to see upcoming events.

Host an Event

Host a meetup or skillshare event at your organization. This is a great way for others in the Hive NYC network to learn more about your organization and the work you’re doing. If you’re interested in hosting an event, please complete the get involved form.


Regular trainings and collaborative workshops help members to implement particular aspects of their connected learning projects, such as spread and scale.

Hive NYC Email List

Join the email list to receive updates on upcoming opportunities and events, case studies and info-shares, as well as other ways to plug into Hive’s network. Be sure to indicate who you are and your interests on the sign-up form so that we can send you the most relevant information.

Discourse Forum

Discourse is an online forum where Hive NYC community members can post opportunities, topics, questions and interact with other members.

Cohort Learning Lab

As part of its laboratory approach to working and learning together, Hive offers creative consultation and project support for all of its funded projects. This approach is formalized through the Cohort Hangouts which provide grantees supported by Hive Digital Media Learning Fund in The New York Community Trust a forum to present projects, and related practices, tools, ideas. Cohorts are joined by their collaborators and other community members to think through and discuss the sticky problems of practice that arise during project implementation and are publicly archived for others to learn from.

Member Directory

This searchable directory contains information on the organizations and individuals within the Hive NYC learning network, including contact information and areas of expertise. Sign up and add your organization.


The Hive NYC Portfolio provides an overview of a range of projects funded through Hive NYC and Hive Digital Media Learning Fund in The New York Community Trust. Grantees of Hive Digital Media Learning Fund make up some of Hive's most active and committed contributors. Their projects, selected from a competitive grantmaking process, provide a platform for Hive practitioners to explore the innovative solutions and imaginative approaches to learning that lie at the heart of Hive's desire to create impact and envision change in New York City and beyond.

Collaborative Partnerships

Hive NYC Projects demonstrate the power of collaboration to generate innovative connected learning solutions. Past successes relate to multiple disciplines and a variety of stakeholders reflecting Hive NYC's diversity.


Pop-Ups illustrate Hive methods in action. At a Pop-up, Hive NYC's community of educators and mentors set up hands-on activities in one space at one time. Participants are free to explore each activity casually, with (often multi-generational) individuals playing around, making, talking and interacting.

Pop-ups simultaneously create informal testing laboratories and spread awareness of Hive projects and practices—for educators, mentors and youth. At one activity station a participant might make a game, at another they might remix a video and so on. By collaborating to create these events, each adult or youth contributor acts as both an educator and a learner.

The Pop-up model reflects the catalytic nature of Hive NYC—by engaging diverse multidisciplinary perspectives, linking the personal with shared interests of the community and focusing on generating productive activities in the same space (physical and/or virtual), the network cultivates an ecosystem in which learning and innovation advance at an accelerated rate.

Affinity Groups

Interest-driven affinity groups are formed by Hive NYC community members to identify challenges, brainstorm ideas and develop strategies for community-negotiated solutions. Active affinity groups include: Youth Trajectories Affinity Group (YTAG) and Hive Youth Meet-ups (HYM). See Developing a "Pathway Experience" for Hive Youth and Hive NYC Affinity Groups.

Webmaker Mentor Badge

Once you feel comfortable using and teaching webmaker tools, you can apply for the Webmaker Mentor badge. This badge is issued by Mozilla to Webmaker community members who teach others. Mentors are proficient in web literacy, contribute to the Webmaker community, and create and remix openly-licensed resources for others to use.

Webmaker Community Calls

Webmaker is all about teaching and learning the web. These calls are for the global community of teachers, informal educators, Mozillians, and everyday people making that happen. Share what you're working on, get advice, and compare notes with other mentors around the world. These calls happen weekly on Thursdays at 10am EST.