Hive Learning Network NYC

A Network for Learning

Teacher Learner

The first of Mozilla's growing community of city-wide networks, Hive NYC operates across institutions and settings—beyond the bounds of traditional classroom environments.

In the digital age, the fundamental mode of operation and delivery is the network. By recognizing this, organizations and individuals can work together to foster dynamic, rewarding situations beyond what each could do alone.

Every participant within Hive NYC is an educator and a learner

Invention often happens at the intersection of diverse people and ideas. From code clubs to science museums, over two hundred educators, designers, makers, artists, technologists, librarians and teachers from across New York City participate, representing organizations with a wide variety of missions, youth populations, institutional sizes, disciplines, strategies and areas of expertise.

Hive NYC is a living laboratory, a community building and testing together, strengthening programs and practices, and spreading what we discover. The social ties and trusted relationships between members sustain the network as a supportive, creative ecosystem.

Hive NYC is a network for learning and a network that learns