Hive Learning Network NYC

Leadership in Hive NYC

Lead member organizations ensure Hive NYC's ambitious goals have authenticity and meaning on the ground.

Lead contributors are entrusted to develop and scale innovative project ideas, representing Hive Learning Networks on the local, national and global stage.

What is Leadership?

In Hive NYC, leadership takes many forms. In general, lead members:

  • Drive the network to advance the aspirations of web literacy and connected learning.
  • Excel at the practices in developing innovations to serve these goals.
  • Actively spread and scale projects to maximize on the network's impact.

Hive NYC leadership is distributed.

Examples of leadership behavior:

  • Giving constructive feedback
  • Connecting someone to the network
  • Sharing resources
  • Facilitating a meeting
  • Advising a member in an area of expertise
  • Hiring someone from within the network / connecting a network contact to work
  • Providing professional development
  • Highlighting a funding opportunity
  • Piloting a new idea across organizations
  • Evangelizing about a unique aspect of another member's project
  • Recruiting youth for someone else's project
  • Documenting a project/practice openly
  • Disseminating evaluation outcomes
  • Being ambitious and taking risks
  • Openly sharing information about youth needs/interests
  • Brokering a partnership between members
  • Refining a tool so that others can use it
  • Advocating for change within and outside of Hive NYC
  • Attributing Hive NYC and its role

Leadership in Hive NYC is often about knowing how others can leverage you to benefit their own projects and making yourself available for this to happen. Our lead members identify challenges at the network level, design strategies and take control of the conversation.

How Leadership Happens

The Hive NYC ecosystem catalyzes networked behaviors, including leadership approaches that are connected, distributed and effective in serving the community's goals.

Nurturing this model of leadership requires a context in which trust and generosity are valued at a premium. Leadership can arise within both formal and informal collaborations.

See the community page for current Hive NYC leaders.