Hive Learning Network NYC

Benefits of being a Lead Contributor

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Lead organizations have access to funding to develop, pilot and scale substantial connected learning and web literacy projects with Hive NYC's vetted stakeholders and partners, including NYC DOE Office of Post Secondary Readiness and the Hive Digital Media Learning Fund.

Additionally, through travel grants, the online portfolio gallery, and the opportunity to participate in an extensive program of events, your work will be shared and championed throughout Mozilla's international network. Whether you're a small start-up or a storied institution, being a lead contributor gives you the opportunity to influence the future direction of learning in NYC.

Hive NYC does not itself provide funding, but HQ and lead contributors work in collaboration with community members to broker quality partnerships that secure funding for projects within the connected learning ethos.

Hive NYC enjoys a unique set of powerful assets, allowing lead members to build the kind of trust that:

  • cultivates long-term relationships
  • enables youth to flourish
  • generates a growing body of work that demonstrates the value of connected learning.

Hive DML Fund Eligibility

Hive NYC's non-profit, youth-facing lead organizations have access to the DML Fund.

The Fund's grants support innovative connected learning projects that use digital media technologies to change the way young people learn—and spread the results to a wide audience. The Hive DML Fund's grants are awarded through a competitive process.

Selected projects demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Learners specialize and gain mastery by pursuing their interests.
  • Participants create artifacts that demonstrate a common interest or purpose.
  • Authority is shared and all stakeholders contribute expertise.
  • Resources are distributed.
  • Youth have equitable access.
  • Learning environments link home, school, personal interests and community.

For more information and to read about funded projects visit Hive Digital Media Learning Fund and Hive NYC Overview.

To be eligible to receive funding from NYCT, your organization must:

  • be vouched by Hive NYC HQ
  • receive financial clearance from New York Community Trust.

Funds are typically released twice a year at the discretion of NYCT and travel grants are available once a year.

Become a Hive NYC Leader

If you feel you or your organization could make a leading contribution to Hive NYC, you are welcome to put yourself forward.

Some information will be required to support your adoption of the lead role:

  • A brief description of your contribution within Hive NYC to date, including specific examples of activities, events and other engagement channels you have been involved with.
  • An overview of how your contribution aligns with Hive NYC's five year goal to mobilize, create, catalyze and grow web literacy / digital skills through connected learning.

Once you have your supporting information prepared, submit it for consideration [LINK].